09 May 2022

Headline of the Day

The Most American Thing That Has Ever Happened
Caitlin Johnstone

The context here is that Joe Biden is trying to separate the Covid relief bill from the Ukraine military aid bill because they think that the Covid relief bill will make it too difficult to pass funding for our proxy war with Russia.


I defy you to find me anything more American than Washington decoupling relief for its own citizens from its proxy war funding because it wants to make sure the proxy war funding actually passes.

It's almost too perfect. You couldn't come up with a better summation of the US empire in a nutshell if you tried. Taking money away from needful Americans because congressional opposition to helping them was putting too much inertia on Washington's games of nuclear brinkmanship is the single most American thing that has ever happened.
It's the principle of the thing, I guess.  We must engage in nuclear brinksmanship because it says in our Constitution that all men are cremated equal.


The Red Alias said...

"Cremated equal"?

Stealing that.

Anonymous said...

Cremated Equal can be found in Pete Seeger's Nuclear song from the 50s.

But I like the return of tankiness in the blog.

Matthew Saroff said...

Actually, "Old Man Atom" was composed by Vern Partlow, but Pete Seeger has the best rendition.

The Red Alias said...

Only steal the best!

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