Columbia is not, "Historically Conservative," it's dominated by a murderous right wing, with multiple assassinations of left wing politicians and massacres performed by right wing paramilitaries.\


Domestically, Petro’s administration is planning to back legislation to decriminalize cocaine and marijuana. It plans to put an end to aerial spraying and the manual eradication of coca, which critics say unfairly targets poor rural farmers. By regulating the sale of cocaine, Tascón argued, the government would wrest the market from armed groups and cartels.

This is true, of course, but there are elements in the US and Columbia who are fine with a continued conflict and continued war on drugs, the people make money selling the weapons and training for the effort, the elements of the US state security apparatus whose careers are made on these efforts, and elites in Columbia who find the war on drugs a useful cover for terrorizing ordinary Colombians to maintain their privilege.

Given the actions of the US with regard to Bolivia and Venezuela over the past few years, I would be very surprised if attempts to destabilize his government were not already underway.