07 February 2024

Best Healthcare System in the World

It appears that some providers are now demanding full payment upfront when you arrive for a medical service.

They want their money, and it's your job to get reimbursed by your insurance company.

For profit healthcare is the problem, and not the solution:

An insured cancer patient showed up for chemo and was told she would have to pony up $14,000 before they’d administer her life-saving medication.

An insured heart surgery patient got turned away when he couldn’t pay the entire cost in cash up front.

A cancer center told an insured brain cancer patient his family would have to pay in full for the initial treatment.

I’m hearing more and more about patients with health insurance arriving for appointments where they are told that they won't be treated until they have paid the full price out-of-pocket — including the insurance plan’s portion — before any claim has been sent to their insurance plan. In other words: pay up now or you don’t get the medical care you need.

“It’s a real ‘your money or your life’ scenario,” said Deb Ault, founder of Ault International Medical Management.

(emphasis original)

Sooner rather than later, our for-profit healthcare system is going to collapse, and it will be really ugly.


Anonymous said...

The oligarchs àre pushing their luck.

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