12 September 2023

This is true . . . as turnips is.

It's true as taxes, and nothing is truer than them.

I enjoyed Iron Man, I enjoyed Captain America, I enjoyed The Avengers, and Ant Man, but the whole furshlugginer MCU has become exhausting:

We’re weeks away from the once-highly anticipated second season of Marvel Studios’ Loki, the most-streamed Disney+ show, which premiered in 2021. Something’s different this time though. It’s...quiet. My social media feeds, once alight with theories, passionate reactions, and yearning fan fiction in response to Marvel projects, have given me the sense that no one even knows Loki Season 2 is on its way next month. (I wouldn’t have known either if I hadn’t thought to Google it last week.) Studios might like to blame our collective disinterest on the writers’ and actors’ strikes—which are impeding stars’ promotion of their upcoming releases—but that’s just their refusal to actually take accountability speaking.

I could barely stomach three episodes of Marvel’s latest Disney+ show, Secret Invasion, which follows Nick Fury battling an army of shape-shifting aliens that he himself brought to Earth, before I became too tired and disinterested and had to call it. The show drew staggeringly low audience ratings and predictably poor reviews—and it’s hardly the first post-Endgame Marvel project to flop miserably. Vulture called Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania “a cry for help.” Thor: Love and Thunder was panned by critics and fans alike. Every Marvel Cinematic Universe project now requires a PhD in Marvel studies just to watch it, and there’s little pay-off for remembering every detail beyond suffering through cartoonishly bad CGI and cringe jokes. I once tirelessly obsessed over Marvel projects, but the movies that got me through the pandemic now just feel like homework.

(emphasis mine)

It's too much work, and it makes the audience feel stupid.

This might very well explain the recent success of the Barbenheimer films.

You don't need a degree in Mattel or nuclear physics to enjoy either of these movies.


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