12 September 2023

Thanks Joe and Kyrsten

Last year, child poverty nearly doubled with the end of the child tax credit instituted as a part of the Covid response. 

The Republicans opposed this, of course, but the reason that the single most effective anti-poverty program in US history was rolled back was because Manchin and Sinema insisted on it, because they wanted to hurt the poors.

What is driving this is likely the fact that opposing aid to the poor is a way to speak in tongues to racist constituetts in their states:  (Dumping on poor people has been a proxy for racism since the founding of the republic.)

The United States’ poverty rate experienced its largest one-year jump on record last year, with the rate among children more than doubling from 2021’s historic low of 5.2 percent to 12.4 percent according to new numbers from the US Census Bureau out today. They’re the latest data to reflect the devastating effects following the expiration of nearly all pandemic-era relief programs. That includes the end of Medicaid rules that protected recipients from getting kicked off because of administrative errors, an end to rental assistance policies, and the restart of student loan payments.


But as the pandemic receded, Republicans with the help of West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, who in private remarks reportedly warned that families were using the extra income to buy drugs,
[How to drop the N-word without actually saying n***er] appeared to remember the country’s longstanding pre-pandemic hostility. Their opposition ultimately tanked President Biden’s agenda, and along with it, the brief life of the expanded child tax credit. That’s something worth remembering today as the predictable crowd is likely to cry about Democratic-engineered inflation.

Not mentioned in the above article is that Kyrsten Sinema helped tank the child tax credit while fighting to keep the carried interest tax loophole than only benefits big finance.

The Democratic Party needs better Democrats.


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