09 September 2023

Not This Shit Again

The octogenarian Nancy Pelosi has announced that she will be running for reelection in 2024.

Seriously, why?  She's not even on the Presidential chain of succession any more.

Her time is done:

The former House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that she will be seeking re-election in 2024. The 83-year-old Democrat representing California’s 11th district announced the news on Wednesday among volunteers and labor allies in San Francisco.


Last November, Pelosi announced that she was stepping down as the leader of the Democratic party after Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives with a narrow 222-212 majority with one vacancy.

Given the California electoral system, a multi party jungle primary followed by a two candidate runoff, one hopes that another Democrat makes it into the runoff, and that it is not hapless tech bro Shahid Buttar.


Jim Harmon said...

Cash in, bro. There are any number of Nancy Pelosi stock tracker apps out there. I guess you could call it "doing well by doing no good."

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