11 January 2023

I Have an Endorsement

Grilling Pharma Executives

Grilling an oil executives
Katie Porter, who has announced that she will be running to replace Dianne Feinstein as California Senator in 2004.

This move is surprising,because Feinstein has not yet announced if she intends to run for reelection.

I don't think that she will, she will be 91 on election day, and there an increasing number of reports of diminished mental capacity, though the recent death of her husband Richard Blum might be a factor.

I enthusiastically endorse her, and I support her announcing before Feinstein has made a formal announcement, because she is never going to be the choice of the Democratic Party establishment (There is no Democratic Party establishment), and any formal announcement would likely be coordinated with Feinstein's preferred successor.

I have no problem whatsoever with her announcing before Feinstein did.

Porter has good progressive cred, and her take-downs people who try to feed her a line of bullshit, are beautiful to behold. (see attached videos)

I think that she would do a good job, particularly on economic issues.

Full disclosure, Dianne Feinstein is my second cousin once removed.  My great grandfather, Harry Goldman, and her grandfather, Sam Goldman were brothers, though we have never met, either in person or electronically.


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