24 July 2022

The Biggest Burn in Texas

In the Texas Tribune, we see the following quote describing the actions, or more the lack of actions, by numerous branches of the Texas and Federal constabulary at the Uvalde school shootings, "In total, 376 law enforcement officers — a force larger than the garrison that defended the Alamo — descended upon the school in a chaotic, uncoordinated scene that lasted for more than an hour."

Trust me, invoking the Alamo to describe the failed law enforcement response is just about the worst insult that could be made in the Lone Star State.

It is, of course, the inevitable response of the culture and training of modern law enforcement, which is to encourage cowardice among its members.

That's what's behind trigger happy training methods that are taught to cops, and the acceptance of this cowardice is why a police officer only has to prove that they were legitimately afraid to have most courts let them off the hook.

Neither bravery nor cowardice have anything to do with the presence or the absence of fear.  They have to do with whether you allow that fear to control you.

Cops are trained to be cowards.  We saw this in Uvalde, Florida we saw this in Parkland, Florida, and we saw this at Columbine.

Given that much of the money that is given to law enforcement is predicated on the idea that they will put themselves at risk to keep the peace, and given that the culture of law enforcement is to aggressively eschew putting themselves at risk to keep the peace, perhaps some of the resources directed toward the police are better directed elsewhere.


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