24 July 2022

But She Went to Harvard!

You may have heard of Tina Tchen.  She was President and CEO of Time's Up, a charity dedicated to holding sexual harassers to account.

At the same time, she was running a side business, where she was reputation washing serial sexual abusers' reputations, which led to her being forced out.

This included her being deeply involved in attempts by then New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his Evil Minions™ to smear the Governor's accusers.

So, you are thinking that there are consequences?

Not so much.  She's been hired by the Obama Foundation as their Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Impact Officer.

This is kind of like being a "Made Man" in Martin Scorsese's classic film Goodfellahs:

Nearly a year after Tina Tchen resigned amid controversy from heading a national charity aimed at fighting sexual harassment, the Obama Foundation on Wednesday announced it has tapped the longtime Chicago attorney to serve in a new leadership role.

Tchen will lead the “development, implementation, and monitoring of the foundation’s strategy,” as well as working with alumni from President Barack Obama’s White House and a program that seeks to empower adolescent girls around the world, according to a foundation release.


The move to hire Tchen follows local and national controversies, most notably her role advising disgraced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during a #MeToo scandal that ultimately led to her resignation as president and CEO of the nonprofit Time’s Up.

Tchen was criticized following reports that Cuomo and his aides sought her advice on how to handle a growing harassment scandal while she simultaneously led the nonprofit, which was founded to help those who have been sexually harassed or assaulted.


Tchen also faced criticism from some Chicago-area #MeToo advocates for endorsing Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle when she ran for Chicago mayor in 2019. Preckwinkle faced scrutiny over her handling of sexual assault accusations against her former chief of staff. The Tribune revealed Preckwinkle knew about an alleged assault for six months before firing that staffer one day before launching her mayoral bid. Tchen said the endorsement was made in her personal capacity, not as the head of Time’s Up.


Asked why Tchen was tasked with this program given the controversies, Obama Foundation spokesperson Courtney Williams said, “Tina has spent a career fighting for positive change for women. Her life’s work has been geared toward making workplaces fair and equitable and safer for women.” 

Putting the fox in charge of the hen house.  Smooth move.

This is not surprising though.  Soaring rhetoric and hypocrisy are really on brand for Obama.


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