09 May 2022

A Note to Protesters Out There

If you are going to go to a protest, bring a burner phone, not your regular phone, because the cops will then use it to track you. 

Wear a mask, Covid careful you know, and pay cash: 

Like most middle-class people in developed countries, I find my smartphone an invaluable tool. It's basically an electronic Swiss army knife- phone, camera, computer, calculator, compass, atlas rolled up in one compact package. It's also a snitch, providing data to observers such as search histories and locations... data which could be weaponized against women seeking abortions. Conservatives in the US have already indicated that they do not believe in one's right to privacy, why would they respect one's right to have one's data private?

Buy a cheap flip phone, or an almost as cheap feature phone, or a used smart phone with cash, and prepay for minutes with cash.


Quasit said...

It's also a good idea to bring an old phone that you don't use anymore - even if it's permanently dead. Protesters in Russia did exactly that, and the police stopped looking for more phones after they found the first one. That allowed the protesters to record the police beating and torturing them. Our own American police are almost certainly no more intelligent or competent than the Russian ones. So get a burner phone, install a livestreaming app - the ACLU offers custom ones for many US states, I believe and there are others - and make sure that the dead phone is in the most obvious location on your person.

The Red Alias said...

This is brilliant....

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