25 March 2022

Support Your Local Police

When an inspector general says that 41 LA County deputies are in, "Gang-like groups, what they are really saying is that these deputies are in criminal gangs in which being a sworn officer for the LA County Sheriff's is a requirement for membership.

Yeah, this police force needs to be defunded:

The top watchdog for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has identified more than 40 alleged members of gang-like groups of deputies that operate out of two sheriff’s stations.

In a letter dated Monday, Inspector General Max Huntsman said his office has compiled a partial list that includes 11 deputies who allegedly belong to the Banditos, which operate out of the East L.A. sheriff’s station, and 30 alleged Executioners from the Compton sheriff’s station.

He wrote that the list is based on information gleaned from investigations conducted by the Sheriff’s Department. Huntsman did not name the deputies and said his office has identified additional possible members from other sources.

“LASD has never thoroughly investigated allegations of gang corruption, and this case is no exception,” Huntsman told The Times.


The inspector general’s new figures add to a growing body of information about the secretive groups, which have existed in the Sheriff’s Department for decades. Members typically get matching tattoos and go by names such as the Grim Reapers and Jump Out Boys. 
When I say that the edifice of law enforcement in the United States needs to be taken apart brick by brick and rebuilt in a completely different way, news like this provides useful backup for my conclusion.


The Red Alias said...

Back in the 80's, the LAPD had billboards recruiting new officers that read,


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