10 March 2021

Busy Day

It turns out that the phone that I wanted to bring from Sprint to Verizon was simply not compatible.

So this evening, with the aid of Craigslist, I got a cheap phone so that I have something that I can use at the office.  (No phone, but I have a phone number and voice mail, not figured out why, but it's more convenient to use the cell phone, at least until I couldn't.)

All back to normal now though.

Went through ads, found a phone with more computing power than the entire Apollo program new for 70 bucks.

It's not ruggedized, but it does have a removable battery, and it's new in the box, a Moto E6.

So I gotta phone, and my Bluetooth so I can go hands free during meetings.

Royal PITA though.

Also, It appears that I have about a dozen updates to download.


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