06 July 2024

Twice the Necessary Signatures

After submitting twice the signatures required, Arizonans will vote on an amendment to the state constitution to protect the right to abortion.

Given the history of such referenda, it's pretty clear which side is going to win, which is why we see so much rat f%$#ery by Republican attorneys general and secretaries of state to keep then off the ballot.

A proposal to enshrine abortion rights into the state constitution of Arizona, a key battleground state in the upcoming US elections, has inched closer to becoming an official ballot measure.

On Wednesday, Arizona for Abortion Access, the coalition behind the measure, announced that it had turned in more than 800,000 signatures – more than double the amount needed to get the measure on the ballot come November.

That’s more signatures than have ever been submitted for a citizen-led ballot measure in Arizona, according to Chris Love, a spokesperson for Arizona for Abortion Access.

“It represents one in five Arizona voters,” Love said. “It’s an amazing feat for us. I think it’s a demonstration of the strength of our campaign and the excitement of Arizona voters to really settle the issue of abortion rights on the ballot in November.”

Your mouth to God's ear, Mr. Love.


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