03 June 2024

Headline of the Day

How to Get 7th Graders to Smoke

Adam Mastroianni, on why so many interventions designed to help people do the opposite.

It should be noted here that the people who devise these interventions, and those who are called on to attempt to implement those inventions are remarkably impervious to any data which might show that they do not work, particularly in the area of anti-drug programs:


That’s just one random paper from the 80s, but the literature is littered with similar well-meaning interventions that failed or backfired:

Those programs all harmed kids or failed to help them, but don’t worry, we also harm adults sometimes, or fail to help them:

The basic point here, and it might seem obvious, is that when people have problems, the best way to address this is NOT to attempt change the people.  The best way to address this is to change the environment, and the associated with those environments.


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