28 March 2024

Shorter Version, the French Are Bastards

Emmanuel Macron's recent statements regarding the deployment of regular French military forces to the Ukraine have a context, and this context is a neocolonialist plan for to continue looting their former colonies in Africa.

Specifically, the CFA Franc currency allowed the existing colonial economics to continue, where this allowed France to extract raw materials and import them at below market cost, and allowed them to sell finished goods at above market prices.

This was compounded by the installation of puppet governments post colonial independence, sabotage and destruction of infrastructure of uncooperative governments, and configuring corporate deals which would mean that all the profits (beyond what bribes went to corrupt leaders) ended up in France.

This looting has been central, arguably essential, to France's post colonial economic success, and the economic failures of these former colonies.

As a result of this, the coups in in the former French possessions in the Sahel have been aggressively anti-French, and have eagerly accepted Russian offers of security assistance.

Needless to say, the French, particularly Emmanuel Macron, who has waxed rhapsodic over Frances one-sided economic hegemony in Africa, consider this to be a severe threat to France and the French economy.

This conflict is what is driven Macron's bellicose pronouncements.

The video below is rather long, 48 minutes, but explains this context in exquisite detail, and is well worth the watch.


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