27 March 2024

Not a Face-Eating Leopard

In a district that Trump carried in Alabama, albeit one where it was close, Democratic candidate Marilyn Lands defeated her Republican opponent Teddy Powell with 63% of the vote.

She accomplished this miracle by focusing on Republicans eating their constituents faces, specifically on how Republican abortion criminalization legislation led to the shutdown of both abortion and IVF services in the state.

A special election in Alabama on Tuesday proved one thing for Democrats: Abortion is a winning issue.

Democratic candidate Marilyn Lands defeated her Republican opponent, Madison City Council member Teddy Powell, for a state House seat in a deep-red district after she made abortion and in vitro fertilization access a cornerstone of her campaign.


Lands secured a whopping 63 percent of the vote—a 26-point lead—by aggressively going against the grain, telling voters she supports a repeal of Alabama’s abortion bans while sharing her own experience with abortion two decades ago, when she received a devastating diagnosis: a genetic defect called trisomy.

“Twenty years ago I was able to get the care I needed. My three doctors told me this is the procedure I needed, that my life was at risk. I was able to go to my own hospital with my own doctor there, I didn’t have to leave my community,” Lands told The New Republic’s Greg Sargent. “And to think we’ve gone 20 years backwards. I can’t believe that. I’ve seen, in my lifetime, women make great strides in many areas. And, I’m just, I’m outraged that 20 years later women do not have the same freedoms and protections that I had.”

It's really very simple.  Republicans want to kill women like Marilyn Lands and like my wife.

Suddenly, the staunch anti-abortion activists realize that the Handmaiden's Tale will apply to good Christian white people like them, and suddenly they are looking for another proxy for racism.*

*The history is abundantly clear here, the origins of the abortion crimilization movement grew from racial bigotry, not abortion. They were upset that their segregation academies lost their tax exempt status.


Stephen Montsaroff said...

That's a pretty refutable footnote. The abortion criminalization started in the early to mid 19th C (over turning common law).

Matthew Saroff said...

You did not read through the article.
The Southern Baptist Convention literally endorsed Roe v. Wade when it came out.
Outside of the Catholic Church, it was a non issue until the IRS pulled tax exempt status from segregation academies, and in a phone conference with, among other people, Paul Weyrich, they were looking for a proxy battle because supporting segregation had become socially unacceptable.
Someone suggested abortion, and so they chose abortion, and an AstroTurf movement was born.
Weyrich has admitted this.
A quick read of the article, or a quick search of the words, "racist origins of antiabortion movement," reveals this.

Anonymous said...

It was pointed out by Youtuber Beau of the Fifth Column that the district was also one that missed out on getting a new military base - with all the economic benefits that brings with it - because the state's regressive family planning policies affected force readiness. This was also by way of a warning not to expect the issue to play as hard everywhere as it did in this case.

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