31 March 2024

Meanwhile, at the Criminal Enterprise Formerly Known as Facebook™

It appears that Mark Zuckerberg and his Evil Minions™ have been obstructing inquiries into harms to children by his social media sites.

Gee, you mean that Facebook has been less than forthcoming?  Color me shocked. (Not) 

Senators are accusing Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg of stonewalling hundreds of their questions after the mogul testified at a blockbuster hearing earlier this year about concerns that major tech companies are failing to adequately protect children online.

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee hammered Zuckerberg and the CEOs of TikTok, Snap, Discord and X over those allegations during the nearly four hour-long session in January.

But it was Zuckerberg who appeared to get the brunt of the criticism, at one point being pressured to apologize to families in the hearing room whose children experienced harm on social media.

Now lawmakers say Zuckerberg and Meta are failing to take their follow-up questions seriously as they continue to investigate how digital platforms may exacerbate the spread of child-abuse material online.

The panel on Monday released hundreds of pages of written responses from the companies to additional lawmaker inquiries — a common post-hearing practice on Capitol Hill. But lawmakers took exception to the 35-page reply from Meta, which they said had not been fully forthright.

Josh Sorbe, a Senate Judiciary spokesman, said that while the committee gave Zuckerberg “multiple extensions” to respond after the session, the chief executive “answered only a small fraction of members’ questions” six weeks after receiving them — less than 10 percent.

“His lack of urgency in responding to members’ questions proves yet again that neither he nor his company is committed to protecting children online,” Sorbe said. “It is more important than ever for the Senate to pass our kids’ online safety bills and finally hold Big Tech accountable.”

Harming children is profitable.  Don't expect Meta to cooperate in the removal of a major profit center for them.


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