27 March 2024

As Atrios Would Say, "That F%$#ing Paper."

It's been clear for some time that someone in senior management at the New York Times hates trans people.

They have been churning out poorly reported anti-trans propaganda for at least the last two years, and Media Matters has the numbers:

A new report from Media Matters and GLAAD finds that The New York Times excluded the perspectives of trans people from two-thirds of its stories about anti-trans legislation in the year following public criticism for its handling of the topic.

Media Matters previously reported that the Times helped fuel a right-wing anti-trans panic in 2022 by platforming anti-trans extremists, painting rising transgender identification as a social contagion, and fearmongering about the costs of transgender acceptance.

In February 2023, the paper received two separate open letters: one from a coalition of 150+ organizations and leaders, including GLAAD, and a separate letter signed by hundreds of Times contributors that criticized the outlet's contributions to a deadly anti-LGBTQ culture war. The newspaper attempted to conflate both efforts, dismissing all criticisms of its coverage as merely “protests organized by advocacy groups.”

Between February 15, 2023, when those letters were separately delivered to the Times, and February 15, 2024, the Times published at least 65 articles that mentioned U.S. anti-trans legislation in either their headline or lead paragraphs. We counted how often the paper quoted openly trans or gender-nonconforming sources, cited anti-trans misinformation or talking points without context or adequate fact-checking, and accurately represented the records of anti-trans figures mentioned in its stories. Our findings:
  • 66% of the articles did not quote even one trans or gender-nonconforming person.
  • 18% of the articles quoted misinformation from anti-trans activists without adequate fact-checking or additional context.
  • 6 articles obscured the anti-trans background of sources, erasing histories of extremist rhetoric or actions.

There is a timeline at the link.

I do not know who is responsible for this, but it is someone senior.

If you put a gun to my head, I would say that it was probably the publisher, AG "Dash" Sulzberger, but I have nothing at all to back this up.


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