06 February 2024

This Reeks of Desperation

Definitely a Fendi scarf
Hell, it just plain reeks.

It appears that Hizonner, New York Mayor Eric Adams, snollygoster extraordinaire, just participated on a police raid on a robbery ring, donning a bullet proof vest and generally cosplaying that he was still a cop.

He knows that he is about as popular as hemorrhoids, so he engaged in this stunt in an attempt to bolster his poll numbers and further demonize immigrants:

A day after Mayor Eric Adams repeated his message that the migrant crisis would destroy New York City, he seemed intent on proving his point.

Mr. Adams, a former police captain, put on a bulletproof vest with a Fendi scarf tucked underneath it on Monday and accompanied an early-morning police raid in the Bronx, tied to a major robbery ring where many of the participants were believed to be recent migrants.
It needs to be noted here that a Fendi scarf starts at $490.00 goes as high as $1,905.00. (Props to the reporter who added this comment.  It provides useful context.

If he were doing anything remotely serious here, he would not be wearing something like that.  If he takes a call, he could be out a very expensive article of clothing.

Police officials called it the “largest robbery pattern plaguing the city,” with a group of thieves on mopeds or scooters snatching cellphones and purses in at least 62 incidents, most involving female victims.

The police said the thieves were “migrants who have recently arrived in the United States,” and who “predominantly live in the migrant shelter system.”

Mr. Adams’s participation, promoted by the Police Department’s social media account, amplified the notion that the surge of migrants was wreaking havoc on the city. But critics, including immigration advocates, called the raid a political gimmick and said it was a troubling escalation of Mr. Adams’s xenophobic rhetoric toward migrants over the last year.

Anyone want to place bets that in the next few weeks, we will discover that the ring was not as big as announced, and most of the people were not migrants from shelters?

I'd be willing to offer 2:1 odds that this is all humbug.


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