01 February 2024

Light Posting Tonight

I spent most of the evening bottling some apple cider that I brewed.

It's the first time that I have brewed something in almost 40 years, and the first (1 of 3 bottles) time that I have ever attempted to brew a sparkling drink.  (The mead that I did previously was all still.)

Hopefully, I won't blow up a bottle.

One gallon of unfiltered apple juice (UK terminology, called Cider [because of Prohibition] in the US) and two cans of frozen apple juice concentrate, because good unfiltered apple juice is not that sweet.

I already have a second batch going, with some local unfiltered juice as opposed to the Atkins Farms that I used for my first batch.

If you are in the Amherst, MA area, get some of their apple juice.  It is sublime, and largely made from Macintosh apples.

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