04 February 2024

Biden Wins South Carolina Primary

I kind of missed it last night.

He got 96.2% of the vote, which is not particularly surprising.

What is surprising is that Marianne Williamson out-polled Dean Phillips, 2,1% to 1.7%.

That's gotta hurt, Dean:

President Joe Biden cruised to victory in the first sanctioned presidential primary Saturday night.

Biden easily beat out nominal challenges from Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) and self-help author Marianne Williamson in a state that he placed atop the primary calendar and where he scored a crucial victory during his 2020 campaign.

Phillips is pretty clearly a Vichy Dem, he's in the New Democrat Coalition [Big business whores] and the Problem Solvers Caucus, [Whores for Republicans] and my guess is that Williamson, while largely perceived as being a bit nutty, is seen as sincerity.

He has not learned the lesson of Bill Clinton, which is that voters will almost always go for sincerity if you can fake it effectively.


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