09 November 2023

Yeah, No Surprise

A study has shown that there there is no evidence of Iran and Hamas coordination cyber hacking activities during the run-up to October 7.

This is not a surprise.  If Hamas had coordinated with Iran in any way, it would have gotten back to Israel faster than if they had emailed it directly to David "Dadi" Barnea, (דוד "דדי" ברנע) head of the Mossad. 

Hamas understands operational security and practices it aggressively:

There’s no sign that Iranian hackers attacking Israeli targets have coordinated with Hamas in that war, new Microsoft research out today concludes. Instead, the Iranian attacks have been opportunistic in their approach, the researchers say.

Media outlets have focused some attention on whether Iran worked with Hamas in advance of its Oct. 7 attack, when Hamas militants killed 1,400 people and took around 240 other people hostage. But at least in cyberspace, among hackers connected to Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the answer seems to be “no,” per Microsoft.

“Microsoft does not see any evidence suggesting Iranian groups (IRGC and MOIS) had coordinated, pre-planned cyberattacks aligned to Hamas’ plans and the start of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7,” according to a summary of the research that the company plans to present at the CYBERWARCON conference today. “Observations from Microsoft telemetry suggest that, at least in the cyber domain, Iranian operators have largely been reactive since the war began, exploiting opportunities to try and take advantage of events on the ground as they unfold.”

Unlike US clients, see the roll-up of CIA assets by China in the teens as a result of compromised electronic communications, Hamas takes this sh%$ seriously.

I really do hope that the cowboys at Langley are watching and trying to learn spycraft lessons from this, but they probably aren't.


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