13 November 2023

This is My Shocked Face

Video is in English
After taking control of Rantisi Children's Hospital, the IDF found a Hamas command center, along with munitions and evidence that hostages were held there.

It's against the laws of war to use a hospital for military purposes (treating wounded is not a military purpose), and if it is so used, it becomes a legitimate military conduct.

Hamas has been hiding behind women and children for decades, and now there is video evidence.

This is not a surprise:

IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says the Navy’s elite Shayetet 13 commando unit and the 401st Armored Brigade have raided Gaza City’s Rantisi Hospital, which treats children, and that Hamas operatives were holed up there. He says he has just returned from the hospital, having filmed there, and that the IDF has evidence indicating that hostages were held there.

“Underneath the hospital, in the basement, we found a Hamas command and control center, suicide-bomb vests, grenades, AK-47 assault rifles, explosive devices, RPGs, and other weapons, computers, money, etc,” Hagari says, in an English-language press conference.

“We also found signs that indicate that Hamas held hostages here,” he says, adding that “this is currently under our investigation,” but that the IDF has intelligence to verify it.

“Additionally, we found evidence that Hamas terrorists came back from the massacre [in southern Israel] on October 7 to this hospital, among others, after butchering Israelis in their homes,” he says.

“Hamas hides in hospitals. Today, we will expose this to the world,” he says.


He shares the raw footage [in the tweet above] filmed a few hours earlier “proving that Hamas systematically runs its terror machine under hospitals in Gaza.”

In the basement of Rantisi, Hagari shows a Hamas armory with grenades, bombs and RPGs. He highlights the dangers to patients of explosives under hospitals.

He shows a motorcycle in the basement that he believes was driven here by October 7 terrorists, presumably with a hostage.

Nearby, he shows what he says are multiple indications that hostages were held here, including an improvised toilet and other infrastructure to hold hostages.

Let me stress here that if a Hamas fighter were injured and went to hospital, this would be in accordance with the laws of war, and if they took a wounded hostage to the hospital, this would also be in accordance with the laws of war.

Holding the hostages there and having military supplies there?

That's a war crime.

What's worse, it turns this hospital, and likely every hospital in Gaza into a legitimate target.

There is a difference between fading away into a crowd and hiding behind civilians, but they don't give a crap about, they don't have to, they're Hamas.


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