15 November 2023

Reality Exceeds My Imagination Once Again

Just when I thought that the Tories could not get any more insane, they just fired Suella Braverman from the UK cabinet for being a complete lunatic, which engendered hostility from the loony wing of the Conservative Party.  (Maybe that should be "Loonier"  there is no sane wing of the party)

In order to placate the Parliamentary Party rabies carriers, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has appointed Esther McVey as the "Minister of Common Sense."

She is actually a what is called a, "Minister without portfolio," who has been brought in to, "Fight wokeness."

They are very near to make me wishing for the return of zombie Margaret Thatcher: (Almost)

Those who went to bed on Monday concerned about the scourge of wokery awoke to good news in Tuesday’s Sun newspaper. Rishi Sunak’s new cabinet would include a minister just for them, in the form of the former work and pensions secretary – and current GB News presenter – Esther McVey.

Officially appointed as a minister without portfolio, McVey’s role would be “commonsense tsar”, tasked with “tackling the scourge of wokery”, the newspaper was briefed. She would be “leading the charge on the government’s anti-woke agenda” a government source said.

Pressed for clarification on the BBC’s Today programme about what “common sense” meant to the reshuffled government, the newly appointed Tory chair, Richard Holden, mentioned “freedom of speech at university campuses”. He was also challenged on McVey’s views on trans rights and said she was a “plain-speaking northerner” who held “various different views”.


McVey ran for the Tory leadership in 2019. During the campaign she repeated her views that parents should be able to stop their children learning about same-sex relationships. “If parents want to take their young children – primary school children – out of certain forms of sex and relationship education then that is down to them,” she said.


McVey was an outspoken opponent of Covid lockdown measures, writing in November 2020: “The ‘lockdown cure’ is causing more harm than Covid. The world cannot be put on hold, and the government must stop pressing the pause and stop button for the whole nation on a whim with all the disastrous effects this brings to our lives, livelihoods, health and relationships.”

McVey is a supporter of Conservative Way Forward, a Thatcherite campaign group, and backed a report in December 2022 that claimed £427m was spent each year on equality and diversity initiatives. It has led some to speculate that one of her priorities in her new role could be cutting diversity and inclusion officers from the civil service.


McVey was a housing minister when she accepted a job at GB News without applying first for clearance from the anti-corruption watchdog, Acoba, which it said broke lobbying rules.

She is now a regular presenter on the channel alongside her husband and fellow Conservative MP, Philip Davies.

Their show, Saturday Morning Live with Esther and Philip, has covered a mix of rightwing fare, with recent segments including discussions on banning burqas in the UK, “woke universities” and why Britain shouldn’t apologise for historical atrocities.

It is literally impossible to parody this.


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