07 September 2023

Support Your Local Police

Coffee City, Texas has a population of 250, and a police force of 50 officers.

The Coffee City PD collected over $1 million in various fines over the past year.

Even better, the chief, JohnJay Portillo, has apparently been aggressively recruiting bad cops, "More than half of the department’s 50 officers had been suspended, demoted, terminated or dishonorably discharged from their previous law enforcement jobs."

The chief never mentioned his history of DUIs in his application to be police chief, which included a failure to appear warrant.

The most of the officers never came into work, they telecommuted, basically functioned as debt collectors from 200 miles away in Houston to support the extortion regime set up by chief Portillo.

That specific group of remote workers have been let go now that they are getting press coverage, and the chief has admitted that they were on the books as full time to allow them to work as security officers.

As a result of all this attention, Chief Portillo has been suspended, with pay of course, by Coffee City.

Just in case you are wondering, this appears to be illegal as hell, a violation of Texas law enforcement regulations and Texas employment law.

Texas has employment law?  Who knew?



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