14 September 2023

Sucks to be Her

It always sucked to be Rowan County clerk Kim Davis.

She is a living example of what Bishop Shelby Spong described as people for whom, "Religion in general and Christianity in particular degenerated to the level that it has become little more than a veil under which anger can be legitimatized?"

She made the news a few years back when she refused to provide a marriage license to two same-sex couples.

Now she has been ordered to pay $100,000 to US one of those couples.

A former Kentucky county clerk is being ordered to pay $100,000 to a local couple who sued the clerk after she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Kim Davis, the former clerk of Rowan county in eastern Kentucky, rose to national prominence for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses in 2015, arguing that such actions violated her religious beliefs that marriage is between a man and a woman.


Last year, a federal judge ruled that Davis violated the constitutional rights of the two gay couples who sued her.

US district judge David Bunning said that Davis “cannot use her own constitutional rights as a shield to violate the constitutional rights of others while performing her duties as an elected official”.

This week, in a trial to determine damages Davis must pay, a federal jury ordered Davis to pay $50,000 each to David Ermold and David Moore, according to lawyers of Davis, the Associated Press reported.

I expect this to go to the Supreme Court, and there the odds are better than even that at least 5 of the 6 corrupt hacks on the court will side with the former government official refusing to do their duty.


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