13 September 2023

Cue Alanis

Yeah, I know, Alanis got irony wrong

It turns out that bots have exploded on Ecch since Elon took over.

Looks like the Apartheid Era Emerald Heir Pedo Guy™ justification when he tried to get out of the Twitter purchase was about 6 pounds of sh%$ in a 5 pound bag:

Bot activity on the platform formerly known as Twitter is worse than ever, according to researchers, despite X’s new owner, Elon Musk, claiming a crackdown on bots as one of his key reasons for buying the company.

“It is clear that X is not doing enough to moderate content and has no clear strategy for dealing with political disinformation,” associate professor Dr Timothy Graham tells Guardian Australia.

A researcher at the Queensland University of Technology, Graham has tracked misinformation and bot activity on social media for several years including until Musk took over Twitter in October last year.

If you are wondering what happened to Elon, the answer was nothing.

He was always an incompetent, lying, delusional, and abusive sack of sh%$, it's just now the press and the public has stopped pretending that he is a Nietzschean superman.



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