25 May 2023

These Kids Today Have it So Easy

In my day, there was no internet*, if we wanted to prank a school, it was hours with many cases of toilet paper, or even longer disassembling the principal's car and reassembling it on the roof.

These days, with just a few keystrokes, you can list your high school for on Zillow for only $42,069.00.

School officials think that it is a senior prank? I don't know, 420 and 69? Whatever would make you think that some smart-ass high school student who did this?
As housing prices continue to increase, maybe consider buying a high school for the low, low price of $42,069.

No, Meade High School is not really for sale, but the senior joke still landed with Anne Arundel County school officials. The listing surfaced on Zillow earlier this week but has since been deleted by the property listing website.

The school, on the Fort George G. Meade military base in northwestern Anne Arundel County, was listed as a 20-bedroom, 15-bathroom single-family home complete with sewage issues, rodents and insects and “complementary trash-scented air freshener and water issues!”


Students at Broadneck High School pulled a similar senior prank in May 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of listing the property online, the students created a giant “FOR SALE” banner from a blue tarp and tape.

The Broadneck guys went old school.  I approve

These Meade guys scored a primo prank, and they probably did not even break a sweat.

I am jealous.

*OK, technically, there WAS an internet, the first two ARPANet nodes were created in 29 October 1969, but there was no access for ordinary folks outside of rather restrictive academic settings, and TCP/IP was not standardized until 1982, 2 years after I graduated from high school.  We didn't even have FidoNet until 1984.


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