24 May 2023

So, About that Twitter Announcement………

Did you know that Ron Desantis went on Twitter Meetings with Elon Musk to announce his candidacy for President?

It did not go well, either for Ronda or for Apartheid Era Emerald Heir Pedo Guy™:

The screen kept saying “Preparing to launch”. But this wasn’t one of Elon Musk’s space rockets that soars through the stratosphere and settles into a comfortable orbit. This was one that blew up on the pad in a dazzling ball of flame.

The eccentric billionaire had invited Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, to the somewhat niche Twitter Spaces – a dedicated audio streaming feature on the social media platform – to announce his run for the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

For Musk it looked like an easy win in his effort to make Twitter the public square, especially one that attracts rightwing blowhards and steal a march on Fox News. For DeSantis it seemed like a chance to make a bit of political history, show off his tech savvy and poke his rival Donald Trump, once the undisputed world tweeting champion.

Even better, DeSantis could hold court in an audio only format without having to meet and greet real people, famously not his strength. But what liberals may have feared as the ultimate alliance of two anti-woke supervillains proved to carry all the menace of a damp dishcloth.


Once people had got beyond the “What is Twitter Spaces?” stage, they were greeted with blank windows, broken snatches of conversation and other technical glitches.


The debacle was a fresh blow to the credibility of Musk, whose Tesla brand has lost its shine of late and who, having laid off dozens
[Actually, he's gotten rid of 6,500 employees] of Twitter staff, seemed to be on the end of divine retribution from the tech gods.


It was an even bigger political disaster for DeSantis, who has built the entire theory of his candidacy around the idea that he is an efficient chief executive of Florida who pays attention to detail. Even Trump used to be able to put out 280 characters on Twitter, admittedly often in a seemingly random order.

The sorry experience did little to suggest that Musk knows how to run a social media platform or that DeSantis is capable of governing a global superpower armed with nuclear weapons.

Seriously, neither of them could organize a 2 car funeral.

I am very amused.

Also, the law has not changed in Florida yet, so doesn't the announcement mean that Desantis has to resign as Florida Governor?

Has anyone filed suit yet?


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