16 March 2023

Pass the Popcorn

Prosecutors are promising up to 1000 more prosecutions of the insurrectionist scum who pillaged the Capitol on January 6, 2021


To the degree that anyone involved is not frog marched out of their home or workplace in handcuffs, there will be a general sense of impunity and privilege, which will lead to more criminality:

Federal prosecutors in Washington have reportedly told court officials a thousand more people could be charged in relation to the deadly January 6 Capitol attack.

Matthew Graves, the US attorney in Washington DC, sent a one-page letter to the chief judge of Washington DC federal court, apprising her of the potential deluge of defendants, Bloomberg News reported.

The correspondence provides details on what the US attorney general, Merrick Garland, has described as “one of the largest, most complex and most resource-intensive investigations in our history”.

Graves said in the letter that justice department officials estimated that another 700 to 1,200 defendants could face charges. That would nearly double the number of criminal cases relating to January 6, Bloomberg noted.

More of this.

In a new arrest on Thursday, a former top editor of an Orthodox Jewish newspaper in New York was arrested on charges that he interfered with officers trying to protect the Capitol.

Elliot Resnick, 39, was chief editor of the Jewish Press when he joined the crowd at the Capitol, according to an FBI affidavit.
And Mr. Resnick (יִמַּח שְׁמו) is a Shanda far da Goyim.


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