23 January 2023

What a Fucked-Up Country

This is Fucked Up and Shit
Have you heard the latest?  Mars Wrigley is doing away with the M&Ms spokes-candies because Tucker Carlson has a sad.

As Anna Russel would say, "I'm not making this up, you know."

If you’re pondering what will be the stupidest right-wing freakout of 2023, you can probably stop now.

No, there will be a stupider one.

After all, the right-wing flying monkeys have already given us George Santos. 

There WILL be a stupider right wing freakout this year.

We’re barely three weeks into the year, but the uproar over the personalities and images of M&M’s candies seems well poised to top the list.

Most Americans — those who have, you know, a life — are probably unaware that Tucker Carlson and his far-right peanut gallery have been throwing a fit about a marketing makeover that Mars Wrigley, the private company that makes M&M’s, gave this signature brand last year.

The company had long ago given the candies some personality, but not too much, giving them cartoon faces, arms, legs, etc. etc. Last year it updated their looks, making the group more “inclusive” in the company’s term, slightly changing their garb and endowing them with insouciant grins and smirks. Notably, the footwear of the two female-presenting M&M’s was toned down.

The supposed de-feminization of those candies was too much for Carlson, who has covered it to a degree that suggests some sort of foot and/or candy fetish. On Monday, Mars Wrigley capitulated to the supposed uproar Carlson had ginned up and announced it would “take an indefinite pause from the spokescandies.” They’ll apparently disappear from its ad campaigns. The new face of M&M’s will be entertainer Maya Rudolph.

What the fuck is wrong with people?  What is wrong with Tucker Carlson? (Long list there)  What is wrong with those fucking candy executives?

What is wrong with America?


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