13 January 2023

This Explains a Lot

It happens to all men in long term relationships.

You are looking in the refrigerator for something, and you ask your significant other, "Honey, where is the (for example) ketchup?"

She replies, "On the door, bottom shelf," and you reply, "I already looked there, and ……… WTF?"

There it is, on the refrigerator door, the bottom shelf, but it was not when you looked earlier.

The ketchup was in the Woman's Secret Hiding Place, a sort of pocket dimension that is only accessible by women.

They hide things there, and taunt you with this.

I know that this does not sound logical, but it is, as Mt. Everest is, and Alma Cogan isn't.


Anonymous said...

In my house, its the man who knows where things are.

Matthew Saroff said...

That is profoundly weird. Are you sure that you are not made of antimatter?

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