23 November 2022

Yeah, Like Bezos Will Do This

U.S. District Judge Diane Gujarati has ordered Amazon to stop harassing union organizers at its facilities.

Does the judge really believe that this is going to happen?

Bezos doesn't care, he doesn't have to, he still runs Amazon, though he has turned day to day operations to Andy Jassy, a man who used to sneak into warehouses to spy on employees so that he could identify and fire people that he deemed under performers.  (He got the nickname, "The Sniper.)

Relying on the Amazon to make good faith efforts to obey the law is like relying on Donald Trump to pay his bills:

A federal judge has ordered Amazon to stop retaliating against employees engaged in workplace activism, issuing a mixed ruling that also hands a loss to the federal labor agency that sued the company earlier this year.

The ruling came in a court case brought by the National Labor Relations Board, which sued Amazon in March seeking the reinstatement of a fired employee who was involved in organizing a company warehouse on Staten Island, New York.

In its lawsuit, the agency argued Amazon’s termination of the former employee, Gerald Bryson, was unlawful and would have a chilling effect on organizing. It said that not reinstating Bryson to his role would make workers think the agency would not be able to protect their labor rights under federal law.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Diane Gujarati ruled there was “reasonable cause” to believe the e-commerce giant committed an unfair labor practice by firing Bryson. She issued a cease-and-desist order directing the Seattle-based company to not retaliate against employees involved in workplace activism.

But Gujarati denied the agency’s request to reinstate Bryson. She determined that the NLRB did not present evidence that Bryson’s termination is having considerable effect on organizing efforts by employees or the Amazon Labor Union, the nascent group in connection to Bryson that ultimately pulled off the first-ever labor win at an Amazon warehouse in the U.S. in March.

 I'm not sure how you deal with barbarians at the gate like Amazon, but this ain't it.


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