17 September 2022

We Are Screwed

It should be noted that the climatologists who are worried about anthropogenic climate change have been consistently wrong.

It's not that they have been excessively alarmist, it is that their models and predictions have consistently understated the pace and severity of the effects of global warming.

And now we are told that the Thwaites glacier in Antarctica is falling apart even faster than forecast.

If this glacier collapses, the ice field will flow into the sea adding many cubic miles of ice to the oceans every year, creating abrupt sea level rise:

A large glacier in Antarctica that could raise sea levels several feet is disintegrating faster than last predicted, according to a new study published Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience.

The Thwaites Glacier — dubbed the “doomsday glacier” because scientists estimate that without it and its supporting ice shelves, sea levels could rise more than 3 to 10 feet — lies in the western part of the continent. After recently mapping it in high-resolution, a group of international researchers found that the glacial expanse experienced a phase of “rapid retreat” sometime in the past two centuries — over a duration of less than six months.

According to a news release accompanying the study, researchers concluded that the glacier had “lost contact with a seabed ridge” and is now retreating at a speed of 1.3 miles per year — a rate double what they predicted between 2011 and 2019.


“You can’t take away Thwaites and leave the rest of Antarctica intact,” said Alastair Graham, a marine geologist at the University of South Florida and the co-author of the study, in a phone interview.

A 10 foot sea level rise would displace tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people will be displaced.


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