23 August 2022

Sometimes I Do Not Have a Clue

This is a sentiment that members of my immediate family would agree with, as well as my brother Bear Who Swims.

In this case though, I am acknowledging my inability to come to any conclusions regarding the murder of Darya Dugina in Russia.

My level of ignorance on this matter is so vast that it is beyond my normal capability to ignorantly pontificate on this matter on this blog.

I'm sure this admission will shock my reader(s) who have seen me consistently offering ill-informed and poorly written on things well out of my bailiwick.

What can I say, even my big mouth has limits.


Anonymous said...

Summon your inner Alex Jones: you can do this.
My personal conspiracy theory is the FSB did it.

Matthew Saroff said...

I'd put the FSB or SBU at the bottom of the list. More likely some wannabees, or maybe the mob, or even papa Dugina.

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