01 August 2022

And in the Role of Lucy Van Pelt

We have Kyrsten Sinema saying that she has concerns about the deal recently negotiated climate change and tax deal between Manchin and Schumer

Don't worry, I'm sure that she won't pull away the football this time.

My guess would be that she wants some more benefits for rich donors, things like not closing the carried interest loophole and removing the SALT cap, which would benefit the richest 1%:

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) had a message for her Democratic colleagues before she flew home to Arizona for the weekend: She's preserving her options.


Not only is Sinema indicating that she's open to letting Republicans modify the bill, she has given no guarantees she’ll support a final “wrap-around” amendment, which would restore the original Schumer-Manchin deal.

I said that something like this will happen.


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