17 June 2022

Well, Bless Your Heart

I understand the desire of someone to defend themselves, but this is probably not the most effective way of making your case.

If you haven't been following the news, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert the Queen of Questionable Q Quackery has been accused by the American Muckrakers PAC of working as an escort, having two abortions, and and having Ted Cruz as a client, (Truly sorry for that image) after which, the Texas Senator raised $136,250.00 for her campaign.

Apart from the last fact, which is confirmed from FEC records, there is no credible proof as of any of the other allegations.

Personally, I find it weak tea, though I want it to be true, so I was conflicted on talking about this, and then Boebert made this spectacular own goal, and I could not resist:

Saying that you are, "Strongest on your knees," when you are accused of being a sex worker is just too delicious to ignore.

Just when you thought that Lauren Boebert could not get any more stupidly self-destructive and clueless, she exceeds my lowest expectations.


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