19 June 2022

Couldn't Happen to a More Deserving Asshole

Emmanuel Macron's Ensemble party has lost its majority in parliament.

Given that his policies have consisted of Islamophobia and screwing the average French workers, this is a completely justified turn of events:

Emmanuel Macron’s centrist grouping has lost its absolute majority in parliament, amid gains by a new left alliance and a historic surge by the far right, according to projected results in Sunday’s election.

After five years of undisputed control of parliament, the recently re-elected Macron, known for his top-down approach to power, now enters his second term facing uncertainty over how he will deliver domestic policies, such as raising the retirement age and overhauling state benefits. His centrists will need to strike compromises and expand alliances in parliament to be able to push forward his proposals to cut taxes and shake up the welfare system.

"Raising the retirement age," means making people whose bodies are broken by decades of manual labor, and, "Overhauling state benefits," means reducing benefits for the most needy in order to cut taxes on rich people.

He is the epitome of the neoliberal policies at the core of the current EU.


Projections by Ipsos pollsters, based on partial results, showed that Macron’s centrists would win about 234 seats – much less than the 289 required for an absolute majority in the National Assembly.

A historic alliance of parties on the left, led by the hard-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s France Unbowed party with the Socialists and the Greens, seemed poised to become the largest opposition group, with about 141 seats.

But the most striking result of the night came for Marine Le Pen’s far-right, anti-immigration National Rally party, which was forecast to increase its seats from eight in 2017 to about 90 – a historic high for a party that in the past has struggled to make gains in the first-past-the-post parliamentary voting system.

Unfortunately, if Macron continues to follow his current course, he will hew even more strongly to the right and to populist bigotry in an attempt to control the legislative agenda.


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