13 May 2022

Well, That's One Way to Handle the Rat-F%$#ing

The Minnesota Grassroots Legalize Cannabis Party has a problem.  It appears that Republicans are running spiler candidates under the party banner to siphon votes away from members of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor-Party in close elections.

Some members have come up with a solution to prevent Republicans from using their name to put fascists in office, they want to change the party name to the Constitutional Liberty Party, which would make it far less attractive for Republicans to use for their dirty tricks:

Several members of Minnesota's Grassroots Legalize Cannabis Party are pushing to change its name to the Constitutional Liberty Party, a direct response to allegations that conservatives recruited marijuana candidates to act as spoilers to Democrats in 2020.


The party's internal turmoil has emerged ahead of the state's candidate filing period for 2022 and as some pro-marijuana activists are grappling with allegations that their party was used as a spoiler in several critical legislative and congressional swing races in the election two years ago.


In several of those close races, Democrats said the marijuana party pulled enough votes from their candidates to hand Republicans victory. Minnesota's DFL Party and top Democrats also support legalizing recreational marijuana use for adults.

Candidates running under the banner of the proposed Constitutional Liberty Party could flip that strategy, likely pulling votes from Republican candidates instead of Democrats.


In 2020, some of the registered marijuana candidates didn't campaign or have any connection with the pro-legalization parties. Some of those candidates had ties to Republican politics or posted on social media in favor of conservative candidates.

One of them was Adam Weeks, who ran on the Legal Marijuana Now Party ticket. In a voicemail to a friend, he said Republicans had recruited him to draw votes away from U.S. Rep. Angie Craig in the Second District. Weeks died before the election but still pulled in nearly 25,000 votes. Craig narrowly beat GOP challenger Tyler Kistner by about 9,000 votes.

Angie Craig had TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND people chose to vote for a DEAD MAN instead of her, which nearly cost her the election? 

Clearly she needs to do something different, and one hopes that she has taken the lesson to heart.

In southern Minnesota's First District, DFLer Dan Feehan lost by roughly 13,400 votes in a race where a little-known pro-marijuana candidate drew more than 21,000 votes. Democrats blamed that candidate for handing the race to the late GOP Rep. Jim Hagedorn, as well as helping Republicans win at least two state legislative seats.
I suggest that they append, "And Gun Club," to the new party name.


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