27 December 2021

What a Whiny Bitch

Jared Schmeck, they guy who called into NORAD's Santa Clause tracker to say, "Let's go Brandon," (right wing speaking in tongues meaning, "F%$# Joe Biden:) is upset that he has been wildly excoriated for his boorish behavior, claiming that this is a violation of his free speech.

Bullsh%$. The 1st amendment gives you the right to be a complete sh%$ heel, and it gives the rest of us the right to call you a sh%$ heel.

It also gives people the right to look at his history online, which shows that he is a MAGAt, and it has a number of people wondering why he left the Medford Oregon Police after only 6 years.

It's not like the guy who shouted "Go f%$# yourself," at Dick Cheney, who actually was briefly detained by the Secret Service.

Let's go Jared, because you, Mr. Schmeck are a complete schmuck.


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