21 December 2021

Someone Finally States the Obvious

Baltimore City State's Attorney (the DA) Marilyn Mosby stated what has been transparently clear about Maryland Governor Larry "Governor Ratf%$#" Hogan, that he has been using criticism of Baltimore City as dog-whistle racism.

This is not a surprise:  Maryland Republicans come in two flavors, the dog-whistlers, who run against Baltimore City and PG County, and the blatant racists:

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby shot back at Larry Hogan on Tuesday with an open letter accusing the Maryland governor of “incessant dog-whistling attacks about Baltimore crime” and rebutting his criticisms that she’s lenient on violent criminals in the city.

While surrounded by posters boasting 90% conviction rates, Mosby read aloud from her five-page rebuttal letter to the governor, saying she recognized his “entitlement,” “privilege” and “political posturing” last month when he threatened to withhold state funding to her office.

“We, the people that live in the city of Baltimore, are not naive enough to believe that your attacks come from any form of sincere concern about the problems we face. Rather, your actions are purely political,” she said. “You have blamed the Mayor, the Police Commissioner, the judges, the City Council, and even the State Legislature for the crime in Baltimore City, yet many of the city’s problems can be laid at the door of the state agencies you oversee.

Silly rabbit, don't you know that government services are only for wipipo?

Hogan, meanwhile, has hammered on the issue of violent crime in Baltimore, blaming the city’s Democratic leaders. His oft-repeated criticism resonates with a law-and-order base in the Republican party. In answer to the “defund the police” movement, he’s urged more money for law enforcement. Hogan has repeatedly blamed Baltimore street crime on Mosby’s policies.


In March, Mosby formalized her policy to stop prosecuting men and women for nonviolent crimes such as drug possession, prostitution, open containers and minor traffic offenses. Her office continues to prosecute people for dealing drugs, however. Her office began dismissing the other nonviolent cases a year earlier, in March 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic struck, and has since dropped more than 1,400 criminal cases and open warrants.
And this is the crux of the matter:  Governor Ratf%$# wants more people of color in prison.

Without appeals to racism, Hogan would just be a member of a 3-Stooges reenactment group.  (He would be Curly.)


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