28 December 2021

On Par with Rheumatic Fever

If you are not frightened after this, you are in a Covid-19 induced coma. 

A lot of people are probably too old to recall Rheumatic Fever, at least in the West, but when immunologist Anthony Leonardi compares the Covid autoimmune response to this disease, he is speaking in apocalyptic terms.

Rheumatic Fever is an autoimmune response to an infection, streptococcus typically, that can cause arthritis and damage the heart, brain, and kidneys. 

The body attacks itself, causing potentially fatal damage.

This is seriously scary sh%$.

Get vaccinated now, if your are not, and get your booster if you are vaccinated.

This will probably reduce the severity of the disease, and so will probably reduce the chance that your immune system will go Hannibal Lecter on the rest of you.


That is all


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