20 December 2021

Candy-Ass Move

Following widespread opprobrium for its threats to fire its workers and replace them with scabs, Kellogg's is removing its name from Pop-Tarts packaging.

Gee, I wonder why your brand has become so toxic?

On Friday, Kellogg's confirmed online rumors that it has removed its name from Pop-Tarts boxes. The move comes amidst a months-long strike involving about 1400 workers across four cereal plants, but Kellogg's says the design decision is about "simplified" design, not a last-ditch effort to get around consumer boycotts (hmm).

You know, when companies calculate their value, they are supposed to include the intangible asset "Goodwill".  At least that''s what the accountants say.

Kellogg's has lost billions of dollars in value.

Maybe this should be considered when senior executive bonuses are considered.


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