14 March 2021

It's Called Pleading the Belly, and it is Bullsh%$

In the latest twist in Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes efforts to evade justice, she is now trying to delay the trial because she is pregnant.

Tis is not an uncommon legal strategy, it's called "Pleading the Belly", which has its own Wikipedia page

I rather fear that her privilege is going to win out again.

The alleged Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes is pregnant, according to a new court filing, potentially delaying her trial by several weeks.

Holmes is being charged with fraud for her role at the helm of Theranos, a blood-testing startup that was a rising star in Silicon Valley before it emerged it had misrepresented the effectiveness of its technology.

Lawyers for Holmes asked the judge on 2 March to delay the start of jury selection to 31 August, after her due date.

“The parties have met and conferred, and both parties agree that, in light of this development, it is not feasible to begin the trial on July 13, 2021, as currently scheduled,” said the filing.

There is no reason to delay jury selection.

Absent her being in active labor, pregnancy does not prevent a defendant from participating in jury selection or in the pretrial motions.

Were she not white or rich (her parents come from money), she'd be waiting in jail for the trial to start.


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