23 February 2021

Oh, Canada

After discovering that teachers were leaving classroom windows open to improve ventalation and reduce the spread of Covid 19, Officials in Abbotsford, B.C. Canada brought in contractors to screw the windows shut

So, just in case you are wondering, asshole incompetent school administrators appear to be a universal thing:

Officials at a school in Abbotsford, B.C., had windows in the building either screwed shut or blocked from opening wider than a few inches after teachers began using them to compensate for poor ventilation, says the Abbotsford Teachers' Union.

Teachers at Godson Elementary School had assumed a proper ventilation system was installed throughout the entire school — to maintain airflow and reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission — but they were shocked to learn in December that this wasn't the case in an older wing of the building.

After teachers began opening windows wide to increase airflow in the affected classrooms — despite cold temperatures outside — the school district responded by sending contractors to fix the issue.

The district says those contractors found safety issues with the windows and partially sealed them.


On Feb. 14, health officials ordered one division at Godson elementary to self-isolate because of COVID exposure.


The wing with no ventilation system houses some 200 students and staff in 18 rooms.

"To start by screwing the windows closed — was instantly a large stress," said Brooks.

"It was a great surprise to the staff. The day that it happened the teachers were very upset."

She said the district supplied small air purifiers to process classroom air, but described it as "Band Aid" solution.

I think that this could be settled with a friendly game of hockey between the parents and the teachers, with the school administrators being the puck.


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