14 December 2020

The Biggest Rat is Leaving the Sinking Ship

The most corrupt attorney general ever™ will be resigning before Christmas.

There are basically 3 possibilities:

  1. Trump fired him.
    (I don't think so, at least not explicitly)
  2. He's trying to grease his way back the corrupt and venal DC society, by pretending that he is a man of principle.
    (My money is on this one.  Barr has gotten what he wants out of the deal.)
  3. Trump is planning something so extreme and immoral that Barr felt that he had no choice but to resign.
    (The man is completely immoral.  I literally cannot imagine him finding an action to unethical for him to sanction.)

If there is any justice in this world, there will be a flood of complaints to the Maryland, Virginia, and DC Bar Associations against him. 

It would be an obscenity for him to keep his law license after this.


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