07 November 2020

And the Election is Finally Called

Get over it

The have called the election for Joe Biden by all the major media organizations now.

Pennsylvania was called for Biden earlier today, giving him a total of 279 electoral college, though when Arizona and Georgia (!) finish counting, the total is likely be be 306.

A number of people have suggested that we give a few days for the Trump supporters to deal this emotionally.

F%$# that.

They are a bunch of f%$#ing snowflakes, and so I am to channel my inner Trump voter, and tell them to get the f%$# over it, and to get the f%$# over themselves.

I'm not going out and stomping on Cheetos® right now, though I did try to convince the family to go to the White House and start chanting, "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye."

They wisely decided to take a nap instead.


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