29 September 2020

Sober Blogging the Presidential Debates

It's over. Jeebus.  I need a f%$#ing drink.

Chris Wallace asks the candidates to ask their supporters not to freak out during a protracted recount, and not to declare victory , Trump's response, "If it's a fair election ………"

Biden's response, "Yes, and the fraud issue is bullsh%$."

Chris Wallace pivots to election integrity.  (He is well and truly sick of Trump not following the rules)

Biden exhorts people to vote, and he weakly implies that Trump is trying to steal the election.

Trump just said, "Crooked Hillary Clinton."  If this were a drunk blog, I would have finished all the alcohol in the house, and gone to hospital. 

Trump is pushing his fraud strategy, big time.

Did Trump actually suggest dropping a nuke on a hurricane?

Furious Googling: Sweet mother of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, it's true.

The environment is the next segment.

Trump blusters.

Biden talks a bit about what he plans to do, but it does not sound sincere.

This is a mass-extinction crisis, a literal end of the world as we know it.  I would appreciate some more enthusiasm.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to pay attention.

Shoot me now!!!

Chris Wallace is clearly pissed at Trump, demands that he call out right wing milita groups, Trump refuses, and tells Trump, "We're done, sir."

I'm wondering if any of the moderators at the later events are drafting their resignation letters as I type.

Biden says that Trump has been pouring gasoline on a fire.  True, but meaningless.

Now they are spewing crime stats at each other.

Trump is attempting to conflate anti-racism with hating America.

He actually has a point:  Racism in America is as American as Apple Pie.

Biden is stuttering a bit.  It's the first time that I have noticed it.

Biden flat out says that justice is not administered fairly in the US.

Race comes up, and Biden criticizes him, but Biden should call him a racist using that word.  It will drive him crazy.

OMFG, Trump tells the truth about Biden's record on crime and race, particularly on the Clinton crime.

This may be the first True thing he has said in the debate.

Wallace actually called out Trump for his constant interrupting.  I did not expect that.

Biden may have had the best line so far, "You had good people, and you fired them."

More crosstalk, and I am feeling pity for Chris Wallace.

Did Trump just say to Biden, "No, you're number 2?"

Really mature dude.  This is not middle school.

Trump is arguing that the stock market is the economy.

Biden just called Trump the worst President ever.  Cool.

Wallace asks Trump about his taxes.

Trump evades, and Wallace presses (I'm impressed), and Trump says that he pays, "Millions".

Trump goes off again, and Chris Wallace is quietly losing his mind.

Trump claims that he saved football.  Yeah, right.

Biden explains the K-shaped economy, raises Trump's taxes.

It's an OK strategy for him, and he does sound sincere when he talks about the plight of first responders.

Wallace is pivots to the economy.

Trump: China China China.

Also, I think that Trump is even more orange than normal.

Also Trump:  Democrat governors are conspiring against me.

Wallace is asking about the size of their rallies vis a vis Covid. WTF? 

It's now dick measuring.


Chris Wallace has the worst job in the world.

Trump objects to Biden calling him stupid.  It's a raw nerve, hammer on it constantly.

Trump will lose his sh%$ if you do this.

Biden calls Trump a liar again.  When do you call him a con-man and a tax cheat?

The entire back and forth over Covid is heat completely devoid of light.

It's like some bizarre collapsing star.


Trump is claiming that "Democrat Governors" are praising his actions.

Wallace moves on to the pandemic.

Biden goes first, and tears into Trump, brings up his praise for Xi Jinping's handling of the pandemic.

Trump's response, "China, China, China."


Wallace asks about packing the court and eliminating the filibuster, Biden is very non committal, though I liked his, "Keep Yappin' man barb to Donald Trump.

And then he pivots back to Obamacare, because he's trying to run as Obama's 3rd term.

I think that this is a losing proposition. 

Biden just dropped the, "L-bomb," and called Trump a liar.

Trump is arguing more with moderator Chris Wallace than he is with Biden.

Biden notes that Trump is trying to reverse Roe v. Wade.

Trump tries to sleaze out of his support of criminalizing abortions.

Trump is a noun, a verb, and socialism.

First question on Amy Barrett's nomination to the Supreme court.

Trump's respnse is, "Neener Neener, I have Mitch McConnel, so f%$# you."

Biden pivots to it being an assault on Obamacare.

Then he compliments Barrett. (No, just no, you moron)

Trump is saying that there are not 100,000,000 people with pre-existing conditions.

Yes, there are.


Stephen Montsaroff said...

For Christ's Sake! Drink!

Quasit said...

Actually this isn't as awful as I expected.

Quasit said...

If only they'd both drop dead right there on the stage!

Matthew Saroff said...

Brother mine, tell my wife.

Bob Quasit: Better than expected? What were you expecting, an alien to pop out of Chris Wallace's chest? (OK, that would actually be kind of cool, particularly if it danced like in "Spaceballs.")

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