30 May 2020

The Disturbances

And they wonder why people make porcine references
What is clear is that there have been an outbreak of demonstrations against police officers murdering black men with impunity.

What is also clear is that these protests are largely peaceful until the police riot, and so escalate the situation.

Police, and those above them in the chain of command, appear to be constitutionally incapable of deescalating protests against them.

While this won't be discussed by the major news media, who are wringing their hands over a f%$#ing Target being looted, most of the violence and disruption has been initiated by police, even if you don't believe (I am on the fence) that a significant proportion of those initiating property crimes and vandalism are not in some way police agents.

This, "You must respect my authoritay!" crap is getting old.


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