07 May 2020

Literally Turning Down Free Money in Order to Hurt the Poors

Once Again, Andrew "Rat Faced Andy" Cuomo, decides that pissing on the poor is more important than doing the right thing.

The Governor has decided that he's going to cut Medicaid, even though it will cost the state $6.7 billion in federal aid.

Basically, this is some sort of twisted affirmation of manhood, and it's poor women and children who suffer as a result.

Actually everyone suffers as a result, because by removing capacity from the New York healthcare system, the next epidemic would be even worse:
On Sunday, amid his regular coronavirus updates, inspirational slides, and Italian family dinner anecdotes, Governor Andrew Cuomo was asked to respond to New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s charge that the governor was rejecting billions in federal funding from emergency federal COVID-19 legislation simply because Cuomo wanted to tinker with the state’s Medicaid system. “It would be nice if he passed a piece of legislation that actually helped the state of New York,” Cuomo shot back.

Cuomo has been feuding with Schumer over the past couple of weeks, accusing the senator of trying to hamper his plans to make changes to Medicaid, the public health program that insures roughly a third of New Yorkers. Cuomo has made it clear that he is determined to cut Medicaid in the midst of a massive public health crisis—even if it means risking federal funds designated to provide relief.

New York stood to gain up to $6.7 billion through the federal legislation Schumer helped pass (that’s if the intervention program lasts a full year) but only under the condition that it didn’t put any new restrictions on Medicaid eligibility.
Andrew Cuomo is a profoundly evil son of a bitch.


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